Role tester

Role tester ZCRT-2

The rolltester ZCRT-1 is a computer controlled unit to test and personalize Smartcard modules in endless form.

Loading programs and client details takes up more and more production time. The latest processors for smart cards have 32 kByte of FlashROM or OTP for the so-called „mask“, as well as up to 64 kBytes of E² prom for the program. In comparison, the German health insurance card is only 256 Bytes in size. 32 kBytes are equal to 128 health insurance cards.Today’s production processes for smart cards means mass production. Modern production lines produce one card each second. During the production, the smart card can be contacted for a maximum of 4 seconds. This time is not sufficient for larger chips. This is why ZeitControl has transferred testing and personalising to the endless chip module roll. Roll testers work independently and if necessary 24-hour a day.


  • Detection of bad marked (punched) modules
  • Bad chip marking by punch
  • 4 modules processed at same time
  • 4 GemCore card readers/writer controlled by external PC
  • Supporting modules on standard 35mm endless tape

Controlling Computer:

Standard PC with 4 additional serial ports

Operating system Windows NT4

Software features:

BasicCard personalisation

Program download for BasicCard


Following software features are available:

  • Testing and Loading of I²C and
  • Extended I²C bus memory cards
  • Testing and Loading of Infineon SLE 4442
  • Testing and Loading of Infineon SLE 4428
  • ATR test for processor cards with T=0 or T=1
  • Additional extensions are possible


BasicCard initalisation about

3.500 modules per hour


BasicCard program download about

190 bytes per second

Technical Data:

Power Supply 230V / 50 Hz

Pressurized Air usage about 20 l/min

Noise 65 dB/A

Dimensions (height x width x depth) 1,8 x 1,25 x 0,9 m

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Power supply
230 V/50Hz
Consumption of compressed air
20 liter/ min.
65 dB/A
Dimensions (height x width x depth)
2,2 x 1,25 x 0,9 m
280 kg