BasicCard Development Kit V3.0

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The BasicCard Development Kit includes everything you need to get started. Install the software and smart card reader/writer and you are ready to start.
Follow our examples or write your own application. When you are done, use the BasicCard compiler to convert your application to P-Code and load it to the E²Prom of your BasicCard. You have just programmed your first smart card. It is that simple!

This package contains all the software you'll need to start programming yourself. You will also get a PC/SC compatible smart card reader/writer, an Enhanced BasicCard ZC3.14 (2 kByte E²Prom), and two Enhanced BasicCard ZC3.34 (8 kByte E²Prom). The Windows® software package contains a fully functional symbolic double debugger to step through the source code from the BasicCard and the PC simultaneously. The BasicCard Toolkit also includes an API for 32 bit Windows® either as API for programming using C/C++ or as OCX for programming using Microsoft® Visual Basic or Delphi programs. Librarys are available for Java or .Net. 

1 x Omnikey 3021 - PC/SC smart card reader/writer
1 x Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows ®
1 x Documentation on CD-ROM
1 x Technical manual in printed form
1 x Enhanced BasicCard ZC3.14 (2 kByte E²Prom) 
2 x Enhanced BasicCard ZC3.34 (8 kByte E²Prom)

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