Development kit TagTracer Multi

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Development kit TagTracer Multi
It has never been so easy to integrate such an innovative new technology into your own applications or to create a new one.
Our kit contains all necessary hard- and software for an easy startup and quick results.
Each kit contains:
1 x TagTracer Multi Desktop RFID Reader/Writer
1 x Software development kit for Windows® on CD-ROM
1 x Technical manual in printed form
1 x EM4102 (read only) transponder (coin)
1 x HITAG-1 (read/write) transponder (plastic card)
1 x HITAG-2 (read/write) transponder (plastic card)
1 x EM4150 (read/write) transponder (key fob)
1 x Power Supply (wall cube + serial connector) for serial version 
1 x USB cable for USB version

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Transponder types
EM4100, EM4102, EM4200, EM4150, EM4450, HITAG-1 and HITAG-2