Dual Interface BasicCard Development Kit

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With the new Professional BasicCard ZC7.5, ZeitControl presents the smartest programmable chip card that has ever been placed on the market. While maintaining compatibility with previous BasicCards, ZeitControl has added a contactless interface. The contactless interface conforms to the international standard ISO14443. It allows a contactless communication by using the T=CL protocol. Furthermore, an enhanced public key encryption ensures an even more secure and state-to-the-art application. This includes RSA encryption and signature algorithms with up to 4096-bit key length, with on-card key generation; and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) over finite fields of type GF (p), with up to 512-bit key length.

The delivery of the related Development Kit includes

  • 1 x Omnikey 5321 USB - Dual Interface PC/SC Smartcard Reader/Writer
  • 1 x Balance Reader
  • 1 x Contactless USB Reader/Writer ISO14443 as PCB Dev Board
  • 1 x Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows ®
  • 1 x Documentation on CD-ROM
  • 1 x Technical manual in printed form
  • 4 x BasicCard ZC7.5 Combi (32 kByte E²Prom)

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