MagicKey Pro Net

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MagicKey Pro Net is a component to build a networked system of access control devices using RFID transponders. The devices read RFID transponder IDs and compare them against a known list of valid IDs from their internal memory. MagicKey Pro Net works in stand-alone mode and logs all attempts of access. A standard PC serves as configuration and log download device. While operating the system of MagicKey Pro Net  the PC is not required.
MagicKey Pro Net is primarily intended to control access of several doors. To achieve this, a list of valid RFID transponder IDs is stored in the devices' internal memory. As soon as a RFID transponder is within the reading range of MagicKey Pro Net, the RFID-transponder ID is read and compared with the internal list of valid IDs. If the read ID is listed as valid, a relay is actuated for a configurable time.
All activity is logged with a time stamp in the internal and non-volatile memory. The logs can be downloaded with a standard PC. The configuration of the system is also done with a PC program and uploaded to the MagicKey Pro Net's. After configuration upload the PC is not required anymore for the normal operation. The internal firmware can be updated via the PC.
If the application is a logging access control for just one door, MagicKey Pro Net can be used, too.

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Transponder type
EM4102 (read-only)
Operating frequency
125 kHz
Maximum reading distance
up to 150 mm (depending on physical transponder size)
Status display
2 LEDs
simple ASCII protocol, fully documented and published
Coupling device
PCB, remotely mountable (up to 15 cm)
Power supply
12 V DC/AC
fits into standard appliance switch housing