MagicKey Pro (stand-alone)

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MagicKey Pro is an access control system for using RFID transponder. The device reads the transponder's ID number and synchronises it with a known list of valid ID numbers from its internal memory. If the readout ID number is recognized, a relay will be actuated for a configurable time. MagicKey Pro works in stand-alone mode and needs no connection to other system components. Configuration is achieved by application of system transponder cards.
MagicKey Pro can learn new RFID transponder ID numbers. A master card is included in the delivery, which has to be used to switch the MagicKey Pro into the learning mode. Additionally supplied, there are system RFID cards which allow the deletion of existing ID numbers and to configure the relay actuation time.

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Transponder type
EM4102 (read-only)
Operating frequency
125 kHz
Maximum reading distance
up to 150 mm (depending on physical RFID-tag size)
Status display
2 LEDs
Coupling device
PCB, remotely mountable (up to 15 cm)
Power supply
12 V DC/AC
fits into standard appliance switch housing