MagicTron Keyboard

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The MagicTron Keyboard is a transponder reading unit for using EM4102 RFID chip technology.

It is daisy-chained into the connection between PC and PS/2 keyboard.

Once a RFID transponder is within the range of the reader’s antenna, the transponder’s ID number will be readout and transferred by using the PS/2 interface.

The MagicTron Keyboard is equipped with a buzzer and two-in-one LED.


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Transponder type
EM4102/EM4200 (read only)
Operating frequency
125 kHz
Maximum reading distance
up to 150 mm (depending on physical transponder size)
PS/2 - interface
Communication protocol
plain ASCII
Power supply
PS/2 (5V DC, 100 mA)
Dimension [mm]
approx. 125 x 68 x 33 (L x W x H)
approx. 150 g