MagicTron Multi USB

MagicTron Multi USB
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MagicTron Multi USB is a desktop RFID reading unit used for 125kHz transponder tags (EM4102, EM4150, Hitag-1, Hitag-2, Hitag-S).

The device is easily connected to the USB port by Plug&Play, and is designed especially for access control applications (e.g. at internetcafés).

Once a RFID transponder is within the range of the reader’s antenna, the transponder’s serial number is written into the keyboard buffer of the PC. The USB stick emulates a keyboard entry. The serial number appears wherever the cursor is positioned: e.g. in Word®, Excel®, or any other software. Just as if the number was typed in.

The MagicTron Multi USB is supported by the Windows® HID-Interface (Human Interface Device) on Windows® 2000 and higher operating systems. Neither a device driver nor admin rights are required for installation.

By using the free download software tool, the readout mode can be personalised to meet the user’s requirements.

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Transponder types
(EM4002, EM4200,...), EM4150 (EM4050, EM4450,...), HITAG-1, HITAG-2, HITAG-S
Operating frequency
125 kHz
Reading distance
up to 80 mm (depending on transponder form)
USB 1.1 and higher
Communication protocol
plain ASCII
Power supply
by USB port (5V DC, 100mA)
Dimension [mm]
approx. 125x 68 x 33
approx. 150 g