TagTracer Desktop I-CODE

TagTracer Desktop I-CODE
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TagTracer Desktop I-CODE
The TagTracer Desktop I-CODE is a transponder reading/writing unit for using I-CODE chip technology.
As against the OEM version, the desktop version is supplied with enclosure, USB-cable (USB version) or cables and power supply for the RS-232 or ethernet version.
Once a transponder is within the operating range of the device, the host can read and write (if the transponder allows it) the RFID chip's data via the RS-232, USB or ethernet interface.

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Transponder type
I-CODE (read/write)
Operating frequency
13,56 MHz
Maximum reading distance
up to 90 mm (depending on physical transponder size)
Coupling coil
USB, RS-232 or ethernet (cable provided)
Communication protocol
plain ASCII
Power supply
supplied (RS-232 version and ethernet version). USB version is fed by the USB port.
Dimension [mm]
approx. 125 x 68 x 33 (L x B x H)
approx. 150 g