TagTracer Micro Stick EM4102

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TagTracer Micro Stick EM4102 is a transponder reader for EM4102 transponders.
Just as small as a memory stick it is performed for simple plug & play at the USB port. Perfect for personal logon in internet café etc.
The serial number will be read promptly once the transponder is in the operation range of the MicroStick. It is written into the keyboard buffer, and therefore directly inserted in programmes that has a keyboard focus (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, NotePad and any raw text application).
This works as if the transponder's serial number is typed into the keyboard.

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Transponder type
EM4102 (read only)
Operating frequency
125 kHz
Maximum reading distance
up to 30 mm (depending on physical transponder size)
Coupling coil
USB 1.1 (and higher)
Communication protocol
plain ASCII
Power supply
fed by USB port (5V DC, 100mA)
Dimension [mm]
approx. 70 x 20 x 9.8
approx. 18 g