BasicCardLabel  -  first RFID label with microprocessor technology

ZeitControl cardsystems GmbH presents the world’s first RFID label with integrated microprocessor chip, a novelty on the RFID label market. The new label combines perfectly the processor card technology with our expert knowledge in the RFID sector. As a result of it, the user takes advantage of both systems: BasicCard and 13.56 MHz RFID technology. The well-known BasicCard development environment allows you to create high secure applications within a few hours. By using the BASIC programming language even DES encrypted tasks can be realized, all integrated in a contactless system with 13.56 MHz RFID technology.

Obtainable in different shapes it is easy to mount on nearly every surface. The RFID chip corresponds to ISO14443A standards and comes with 16 KByte E²PROM,  and is also provided with NFC technology (NearFieldCommunication).

The BasicCard Label technology is primarily addressed to a target group which requires a high quality standard of security. A security standard where the features of common RFID label are most likely maxed out. The label optimally suit for automation processes, product identification and BDE systems.

The correspondent Development Kit enables the user to start a program easily and quickly. 

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