Converter USB

Converter USB
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The Converter USB allows connecting devices with RS-485 interface to the PCs common USB port.
It establishes a virtual COM-port on the PC, which allows the migration of elder software or applications working with a RS-485 network.
The RS-485 interface was established to achieve a cheap and reliable network of devices. A simple twisted pair cable is all you need. According to EIA-rules it don’t need to be a shielded type of cable, not even in electromagnetical noisy surroundings.
The RS-485 protocol enables up to 32 devices to work on one bus, allowing a total of 1,2 km of cable length.
The Converter USB allows to connect a PC with common USB port to a RS-485 network or single device. Since elder Software do not work with USB ports, the Converter USB establishes a virtual COM port on the PC. After installation of the driver there is a new COM port on the PC that can be used by even elder programs.
The driver installation is very simple due to plug & play. The transmission parameter in the Converter USB will be set automatically, based on the settings in the device driver on the PC. There is no need for further setup work by the user.

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Converter USB
Converter USB
Converter USB
Power supply
by USB port (5V DC, max. 100mA)
Dimension [mm]
approx. 125 x 68 x 33
approx. 150 g