You can't buy competence and experience, you have to learn it. W. Salge, managing director

Zeitcontrol Historie

For manufacturers like us, the living market of card technology is a constant challenge. In the beginning customer projects were our main objective. We acquire a lot of know-how from these projects and the first line of soft- and hardware products was manufactured. Some of them you'll find in our catalog. Our products are completely designed, developed and produced in Germany.
A full line of software products completes our product line. Future markets will be dominated by the smart card. As an active member of the standardization committeee for chip cards in NI 17.4 of ISO7816 we played a decisive role in this development. Today we develop operating systems and terminals for smart cards to meet future needs.
  1. 2015

    Watch tags

    Development of modules for the Swiss watch industry
  2. 2014

    Cipurse / OSPT

    Membership of Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPT) Alliance
  3. 2013

    Key fob shaped BasicCard

    Development of a key fob with integrated prozessor chip
  4. 2012


    Development of UHF reader/writer
  5. 2011

    VDV (eTicket)

    Development of processor cards for public transport
  6. 2010

    Contactless BasicCard

  7. 2009

    RFID reader/writer as USB stick

  8. 2008

    Dual Interface BasicCard Professional ZC7.5 Combi

  9. 2007

    TagTracer ISO14443

    RFID reader/writer 13,56 MHz / HF
  10. 2006

    German health card eGK

    Development of COS for new German Health card eGK
  11. 2005

    Frauenhofer smart card award

    Received Frauenhofer smart card award
  12. 2004

    MultiApplication BasicCard

  13. 2003

    POS terminal

    Development of a POS terminal which is programmable in BASIC
  14. 2002

    AES Symmetric-Key Algorithms

    Development of AES Symmetric-Key Algorithms for BasicCard
  15. 2001

    Professional BasicCard

    Professional BasicCard ZC4.1, T=0 oder T=1 Protokoll, RSA 1024 Bit.
  16. 2000

    Smart card personalization

    Development of personalization equipment for mass productions
  17. 1999

    RFID Reader

    RFID-Reader Development for MIFARE® Classic 1k / 4k, I-Code and Hitag 1 + 2  
  18. 1998

    Enhanced BasicCards

    Enhanced BasicCards with DES, 3DES and ECC
  19. 1997

    PC/SC smart card reader

    Development of PC/SC smart card reader for Microsoft® Windows®
  20. 1996


    BasicCard Development of interpreter languages for Smartcards and terminals
  21. 1995

    Contactless access control

    Development of a RFID admission control and identification system
  22. 1994

    Terminals for PC access control

    Test and introduction of Smartcards and terminals for the police of Hamburg
  23. 1993

    Card reader for health insurance card

    Design and development of the first chip card readers for the German health service
  24. 1992

    Module production Germany

    Our first production facility for chip card modules was set up in Germany
  25. 1991

    World Standards multifunction smart cards

    Membership in the ISO 7816 (DIN/NI 17) for international standardization of multifunctional chip cards
  26. 1990

    Davis-Cup Munich, VIP area

    Installation of admission control per magnetic card for VIP's to the Davis Cup in Munich