Magnetic cards

As means of identification, the magnetic card technology is one of the eldest kind.

Since the credit card has seen the light of day, magnetic cards are a worldwide trusted product for cashless payments. Besides, the magnetic card application system is unbeatable in its use as time recording- , access control system and for customer loyalty projects.

The magnetic card technology enables an easy-to-use application within short time due to ISO norm 7810 and 7811.

The magnetic cards are available with or without print.

The magnetic strip contains 3 tracks for the storage of data. Optionally cards can be delivered with encoding according to the user’s requirements.

The magnetic card technology comes with LoCo or HiCo technology. LoCo works with 300 Oe (Oerstedt), HiCo with 4000 Oe.



Amount of available data

Symbol set



210 bpi, 7 bits / symbols

79 alphanumeric symbols (a, b, c, ..., 1, 2, 3, ...)



75 bpi, 5 bits / symbols

40 numeric symbols (1,2, 3, ...)



210 bpi, 5 bits / symbols

107 numeric symbols (1,2, 3, ...)